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West China’s first ‘designated pesticide technical chemical park’ to be established Yumen, Gansu Province
Posttime: 2021-06-08    Author: Shandong CYNDA (Group) Co., Ltd.

Yumen City of Gansu Province is preparing to utilize the East Yumen Building Materials Chemical Park and the provincial chemical industry park in the old town area to accommodate the transfer of the chemical industry from central and eastern China, according to information from an industry forum held in China on June 1. 


The designated pesticide technical chemical park is designed to concentrate on the production of high-end chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide technical and intermediates as well as chemical intermediates. Efforts will be made to cultivate and develop several “chain-length” projects, which are expected to promote Yumen’s fine chemical development towards the objective of “strengthening of leading industries, supplementing and clustering of the industry chain.” The initiative is expected to help to realize the transformation and upgrading of existing pesticide intermediate manufacturers and establish the first “designated pesticide technical chemical park” in west China.


Yumen is a city that was built and prospered through petroleum, being a typical representative of resource-exhausted cities in western China. In the face of the economic transformation challenges, the city of Yumen is trying to build a pro-business environment, which has resulted in a well-established industrial structure covering petrochemical, coal chemical, fine chemical, new energy and equipment manufacturing. In 2020, the city's GDP reached Yuan18.74 billion.


In recent years, Yumen city has proved innovative in its centralized investment promotions, targeting the supplementation and extension of the fine chemical industry chain. By virtue of its liquefied petroleum gas, benzene and coke oven gas which are industrial by-products out of petrochemical and coal chemical industries, 102 fine chemical projects have been launched in the city, enabling the formation of a fine chemical industry cluster comprising pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates.


During the forum, six enterprises, including Hefei Xingzi Chemical Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Kaichen Chemical Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Tarux Chemicals Co., Ltd, entered into business deals with the government of Yumen city, with a contract amount of Yuan2.21 billion. At the same time, other enterprises expressed intention to conduct an in-depth expedition of Yumen's chemical industrial park, chemical industry development and industrial chain status, being prepared to hold specific discussions with Yumen city on possible pesticide projects.

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